… still here

29 May

Things have been a bit hectic as of late with the upcoming move, traveling out of town, crazy work projects and a few other random things that make life what it is: a roller coaster.

Here’s what’s been up with Nora lately:

  • Ventured to Cape G with Jack in tow for a weekend of fun and relaxation with my friend Mel who is getting married in exactly three months and 28 days. Coincidentally my 25th birthday is four months from today… ack!
  • Watched Jack and my “niece,” Nelly (Mel’s dog) run around and play for hours on end
  • Enjoyed some Cuban food with Mel’s friends (we’ll ignore the fact I was the only single on in the room.)
  • Went to River Ridge Winery and battled the ridiculous white, fluffy, satin-like shedding the cottonwood trees were pouring down around us. Sneezed my head off, but enjoyed the crooner-music, river bottom and wine (of course!)
  • Returned back to the Lou to visit with the folks and help Darling clean up my brother’s basement area. My parents were kind enough to donate half of the basement to my bro’s friends junk from college. They should totally charge rent.
  • I’ve run 10 miles in the past two days and will be going to a boot camp tonight. I’m ignoring my swollen shin and pushing through the pain (and yes, I know that’s a bad idea).
  • Decided that I am 100% for sure getting a tattoo. Now the question: Italian flag or Palm Tree with a shooting star over it?
  • I had a super bizarre dream last night in which I was pregnant but had no clue who the father was (which is so not like me, considering I haven’t had a date in two months!). Thank goodness for waking up with a flat stomach. Terrifying dream.
  • Contemplated diving into the online dating world, then decided not to after seeing what my options were during a three-day demo.
  • Ventured through some unusual knee-jerk reactions, filtered out my feelings and thoughts, acknowledged them and then LET.IT.GO.
  • Made plans to see the Sex and the City movie this weekend!

Look for the return of my regular posts soon…


One Response to “… still here”

  1. nova-san May 29, 2008 at 2:49 pm #

    You always seem to have so much going on. I envy that.

    You’re smart for not getting into the whole online dating thing. I’ve done. At least for me, it never worked. I just ended up getting disappointed all the time.

    Ohhh… a tattoo. You should totally get one. Maybe you can somehow incorporate the palm tree, shooting star and Italian flag all in one somehow. That would be cool.

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