Little Man and Cuddles

1 Jun

Last night I was fortunate enough to have a date… with Little Man, my favorite little boy to baby-sit in the world. Until last night I hadn’t visited him in about three months. Upon my arrival, I asked Little Man for a hug and he practically jumped up and into my arms, spying the books that I brought him as a present.

Little Man will be five in a few short months and will be celebrating by having a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Before I turned out his lights last night in his super-cool new room, he told me he’d add me to the list of people to invite.

There weren’t as many funny quotes this time, but it’s evident he’s very knowledgeable about new things such as:

* Recycling: Only plastic cotainers with a 1 or 2 on the bottom of them can go in the recycling bin.
* The snazzy new trash can: wave your hand over it, and it opens automatically so you can plop your trash into it.
* Satellite TV: he doesn’t necessarily know which channels he wants to watch but he navigate a Direct TV guide like nobody’s business.
* Star Wars Lego Video Game: he’s entered the phase of making very accurate kicking/punching/shooting sound with his mouth (something girls pretty much suck at) and can clearly describe who is who, why they are battling, what a “droid,” is and so much more that I’ll admit I’m still in the dark about.
* Brown Dog: for the last two years Brown Dog “kisses,” Aaron after books and quiet time. (Brown Dog kisses are facilitated by me, and Aaron just laughs and laughs. Seriously, little kid laughs are one of the coolest things.) Last night, Aaron had Brown Dog “kiss,” me. Totally corny sounding, but it made my night.


I’m at the ‘rents house this weekend, plotting out where my furniture will go, what I need to start packing, tossing, etc etc and now that I have the running bug, I can’t stop. I headed out into the steamy, early summer StL heat for a ridiculously ambitious run and was rewarded on my way back by seeing the two little girls in my neighborhood that I watch from time to time. Despite my obvious sweaty appearance they both ran out onto the lawn and hugged me. The youngest one, Cuddles (nicknamed as such because until about a year ago she asked that you cuddle her until she fall asleep) couldn’t talk fast enough to tell me about her dance recital, summer school, plants, Disney Princesses and so much more. They know I’m moving home now and can’t wait for some fun outings and movie nights.


If only being a nanny paid as much as my current job….


2 Responses to “Little Man and Cuddles”

  1. oh June 1, 2008 at 6:39 pm #

    Anyone with a family would be more than lucky to have you as their Nanny. Capital “N.” There are so many things you’re capital at doing…

  2. Anne June 3, 2008 at 10:45 pm #

    You should know…..I print and save your posts about Little Man. We love them- and one day I’ll show him just how obsessed he was with Star Wars and how much he adored his friend Nora.

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