Who is NP?

5 Jun

Alright, Darling, here’s the dish…

He was a senior in high school when I attended my freshman year. Captain of the football team. At the time a known pothead. Now that I think about it I recall his name being shouted over the loudspeaker during my super-geeky days as a band member during the football games.

He had a full-ride to Rolla (great engineering school) but was unmotivated to do well so he came home to a local college in town. Finished up and then took a job with a golf company, living in Florida and traveling for tournaments or something. He’s now back in StL working at a country club and working on his engineering degree, at the age of 27. (Kudos to him for working on another degree at this stage in his life.)

He does yoga every morning at 5 am because “I like to burn my stored body fat that results from sleeping.” He follows that up with yogurt and granola because he doesn’t like carbs. Then it’s work, a round of nine holes at the golf course and then school. As he puts it, his life is about relaxing, which, I suppose explains his relaxed attitude.

Since Monday’s Late Date he’s emailed three times and called three times, two of those times happened to be this evening. Within three hours of each other. Both times leaving messages (I promise I was busy. I’ve hired ManMate as my Boot Camp Instructor… that’s a whole other blog in itself), asking to “Set up a time to get together.”

ManMate has warned me to run away. He says he’s too anxious, too comfortable, too early. He probably has a point.

We have a tenative hold on next Wednesday which is probably a horrible idea but I S.U.C.K. at telling people I don’t think it’s going to work…or maybe I should show up 45 minutes late? :)


2 Responses to “Who is NP?”

  1. Oh June 7, 2008 at 10:37 am #

    oh, for Pete’s sake. Go. Show up late if you like, but go. He’s a local. He’s ok. He won’t screw up horribly because you’re all linked by high school. (You know how important the “high school thing” is in this town.

    Answer his call. See what you think. Say yes. If you feel like throwing up prior to meeting him next Wed., then don’t go.

    You know me and options.

  2. oh June 8, 2008 at 7:37 am #

    OK, never mind. You can’t go out with a guy who makes you feel like throwing up. And with ears like W, as you mentioned in your email,and also, given his recreational history, um, no. Forget it. Just say NO.

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