6 Jun

My generation is all about the social networking… I’m on Myspace.com, Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, recently joined Twenty Something Bloggers.com, so there’s a fair amount of surveys that float around, and yesterday a new one caught my eye: Urbandictionary.com Definitions. You type in your response to the questions on urbandictionary.com and post the results. Good for a laugh, if nothing else.

I typed in my name (my full one came up with a really dirty definition which I’d rather not post involving male anatomy and illegal drugs) so I started in with my nicknames. Here are the definitions:

The exact Origins of this name is unclear, some say its a derivative of the word honor, or Honora. But the popular beleif is that it comes from the Hebraic/Arabic word Noour or “Light”, correctly tranlated in means Bright Light.  Also used to describe women of great Beauty, beautiful babies are often named nora as they beleived that the name would give the baby good luck.  Some Scholars say that Nora also means “the enlightned one”, “the Beautiful one” and also “the wise one”.
in high society most women are named Nora, because the name entitles Nobility, Beauty, Light, Grace and Wit.  What a gift it is to be named under such a glorious name.

(Nora note: someone must have had a bad experience with a Nora as the second definition was this: A shy and unlovable girl who worships darkness and cats. I think I like the first one better).

My other nickname, which I won’t reveal (or else you’d have my real name, kind of): To describe something of such superb standards it almost cannot be described by any word or sentence or onomatopoeia in the English language. (Well, isn’t that nice.)

(Nora note: other definitions for my name included “tits that go east and west,” and “someone who did poorly with their due diligence.)

Your turn! Type in your name, nickname or we’ll say favorite food and let us know what it says… urbandictionary.com.


3 Responses to “Urbandictionary.com”

  1. meldoesgradschool June 6, 2008 at 10:22 pm #

    On your page I can see the link that says “see my page on twentysomething bloggers” at least… but I just copy/pasted the info on the badge and put it into a widget that was just a text box I think… I’m pretty sure that’s how you do it although if that doesn’t work I’d ask someone a little more tech savvy because I just sort of hit buttons until it works (with the occasional smacking the computer and bargaining with it)… hope that helps! And glad we’re friends on 20sb now! :o)

  2. meldoesgradschool June 6, 2008 at 10:25 pm #

    P.S. Apparently people on urban dictionary believe that people with my name have some issues with the rear end… either we all have sticks up our butts or we enjoy taking it from behind. However, one entry did say “hottest girl in the known universe” and another said
    “a girl, who takes life as it comes, has relationship issues and falls in love easily” so who knows?!

  3. Oh June 7, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    Well, the urban dictionary was fun!

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