Blog Block (kind of)

13 Jun

how old are you? Twenty-faux. Okay, seriously 24 but I’ll be celebrating my twenty-faux birthday in a few months.

where is your mother right now?  somewhere in West Co, I’d imagine

what were you doing at noon today? finishing up my work day before my work road trip

when was the last time you were on a date? about two weeks ago. you all know how that turned out!

what are you wearing right now? white t-shirt and comfy blue yoga pants

what did your last text message say? SamSam telling me she got me $25 gift from Bank of America

how much cash do you have on you? why, do you need to borrow money? I don’t usually have cash but I received a cash bonus at work today, so more than usual.

what is your relationship status? Single, single, single. Did I mention that I’m single?

how many cars do you own? Just one

what is the last thing you did that you regret? Hmmm… can’t think of anything at the moment

what is the closest green thing to you? one of my couch pillows.

do you miss your last boyfriend or girlfriend? hahaha, that’s a super funny question. the answer is undoubtedly NO.

what is your favorite pizza? Pizzarelli, but haven’t had in forever.

what is your favorite food? Italian or Mexican

who was the last person you kissed? my ex boyfriend.

will you kiss them again? never

what do you want to be when you grow up? Wedding planner. Lobbyist. Wife and mother.

how do you feel about road trips? Love ’em, but not with the current gas prices.

besides your own whose bed did you sleep in last? my bed at my parents house.

besides you who slept in your bed last? no one.

what are you looking forward to? Houstin in July, Washington (state) in July, Mel’s wedding festivities, NKOTB concert.

where do you see yourself in a year? graduated from grad school, celebrating on a beach with my girls.


2 Responses to “Blog Block (kind of)”

  1. palegrayforguilt June 13, 2008 at 11:32 pm #

    Hmm. What songs did you listen to on your computer today?
    What were you thinking when you heard them?
    Do you think anyone else in the world listened to the exact same songs?

  2. laylou June 14, 2008 at 2:09 pm #

    PGFG: I actually listen to music at work all day… yesterday I enjoyed some Seether (Fake It, and their newest song but I’m drawing a blank on the title), NKOTB (Summertime), Kanye West, Dave Matthews Band (duh), Take my Breath Away and a few other fun 80s songs (once at home) courtesy of a friend. The 80s songs had me dancing around my room before my run and managed to get me pumped up for a mostly uphill four-mile run… I’m sure others were listening to those songs yesterday since most of them are current hits and past hits. thanks for the questions :)

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