Dream a Little Dream…

15 Jun

I have always been an active dreamer. Sometimes they come true. Sometimes they are just my brain venting about the days’ events. Sometimes they hit a nerve and I can’t get them out of my head.

As of late my mind has been running through my past loves although in these dreams I’m still dating them. I can’t help but think that our mind is exploring destinies that might have been during these odd dreams. Maybe it’s a purging dream, making room in my head and my heart for the next dating adventure. Or maybe it’s just nonsense that is set-off by a memory or place that triggers the mind.

Ever since I started dating I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m dancing at my wedding only the groom’s face is blurred out. Through all the people I’ve dated to this day, I have this dream and none of their faces fill in the blank. I haven’t had the wedding dream lately, but now I’m have a recurring dream involving a new man, I can see only part of his face, most of his body. He is strong and tall. Some nights we are ensconced in darkness, talking, living, just being together. Other nights we are out on dates, with friends, embracing each other. Waking up after these dreams is a bit of a disappointment as when I awake the details of the dreams dissipate quickly. He lingers with me throughout the day, whoever he is.

I wonder if dreaming is a way of predicting the future, if this is what will happen for me one day? Or maybe it’s my trapped inner hopeless romantic working her way back in to my consciousness.

I may never meet this man (in the wedding dream or the new dating dream) but either way, I go through the day with a big smile on my face, my faith restored in the fact that somewhere, someone is out there and he just might be looking for me. Until then, I’ll be taking an unusual amount of naps in hopes of more dreams.


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