Saturday! Saturday!

15 Jun

Sometimes the best nights are the ones you don’t expect at all.

After a lovely dinner with the family at super-chic Savor, I ventured out with my grad-school galpal KH. The plan was one glass of wine. One glass turned into a bottle, which turned into a second bottle, which then called for some appetizers (yes, unhealthy ones), leading us to sit/hang out at the bar, making friends with the bar owner (always a good idea), people watching, talking, talking and more talking followed by lots of much needed laughter.

Our nights out are unpretentious, classic fun free from drama and rules. We were, I’m ashamed to say, mostly fixated on the topic of men. Who we are dating (me: no one), who we would date (okay, so not a ton of possibilities at the moment, at least not in my state), where we should go to meet guys (that’s mostly me talking since KH is in a relationship at the moment) but above all how frustrating the dating scene is. We do, however, find much to laugh about and proceed to do so. It’s good to be able to laugh at/with yourself and about certain aspects of your life, right?

I also noticed how small the St. Louis scene is for me lately. For example, I went to two different venues tonight. At one venue I saw WoJo from sometime last year. He didn’t say one word to me even though I know he recognized me as I caught him staring at me three times. Coward. At the other venue, I saw another ex’s best friend who took it upon himself to grill me in the worst sort of way. I know they are all from the past but it’s always a trifle bit awkard and screams “It’s Small World,” from DisneyLand. I’m beginning to think I should move…

Regardless, at the end of it all, KH and I had one of those awesome nights where the plan to be at home at a reasonable hour lands you in bed, at 3 am, writing your blog while listening to Jack snore, while he’s curled up in my spot on the bed, and some obnoxious teenager blare his subwoofer so loud your windows shake all the while chugging water so that the gym excursion in the morning doesn’t totally suck.


One Response to “Saturday! Saturday!”

  1. palegrayforguilt June 15, 2008 at 12:48 pm #

    So…we pulled a drunk last night did we? This is a much needed requirement from time to time. Of course I am speaking from experience!

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