It’s definitely hump day…

18 Jun

Work was a tad stressful today: no internet, no email and no telephones for half of the day. As much as I embrace and love technology this is the problem with having everything over VOIP… if one thing goes down, the rest do as well.

Those dreams I mentioned the other night? They aren’t going away, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but my sleep is suffering as a result. I’m continually waking up to find out that I’m alone in my room (okay, well except for Jack) and my brain is merely playing with me. Disappointing to say the least.

I’m enduring another boot camp with KH at the mercy of ManMate this evening and for the first time ever I’m kind of nervous about it. Pushing myself at the gym is wonderful (the compliments are worth it alone, in addition to the feeling good about self, buying new, smaller clothes, and knowing that you are doing something great for your heart, body and soul, I suppose) but I can tell my muscles are a tad on the tired side and there is no room for slacking when ManMate is in charge of a workout.

On the positive side:

I’m counting down the days until my freedom from everyday adult life for a week. Five blissful vacation days and nothing planned… yet.

And I’m reminding myself that this is true:

I suppose I’m feeling the daily grind coming at me from all aspects today, so while I continue to put out small fires and prevent other ones from happening at the office while maintaining my cheery attitude, I’m secretly wishing that someone would be at my apartment, making dinner and greeting me with a hug when I get home.


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