The Recipe for a perfect weekend

21 Jun
  • Race for the Cure: Susan G. Komen in St. Louis with Darling, KH & KH’s mom. Over 60,000 women uniting for a greater cause, appealing to a higher, spiritual being. Pink every where you look. Inspiration. Tears.  Music. Friends. Football Players. Biker Dudes. Love. It was amazing. I’m definitely doing it next year, and this time I’ll do the 5K run.
  • The Pool. Hanging out with KH poolside, books next to our chaise lounges, sunblock active, cell phones on silent. People watching. A light breeze. Cute kids running around. Awkward teenagers acting older than they ought to be.
  • Rain. KH and I decided it was necessary to trek across town in sheets and sheets of rain and hail, wind, thunder and lightning just after we left the pool (perfect timing!). Of course we found nothing at our final destination (mall) but it was worth a few good laughs.
  • Drunken Fish. Coming up in a few hours, TLo, KH and I are venturing out to squash their sushi needs, my fried rice needs, and continue the girl-themed weekend.

One Response to “The Recipe for a perfect weekend”

  1. oh June 21, 2008 at 5:12 pm #

    We should start assembling our walk/run team now and design some shirts. Wow – what an excellent weather! Isn’t it just so cool to be up and out early on a summer morning?

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