Serious Case of the Mondays

23 Jun

It’s Monday. I have five long work days until my mandatory vacation. (Perk of working for a small company: we are closed two weeks a year, and we still get two weeks of vacation in addition to that. All paid. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Don’t be jealous.)

Today, however, is off to a terrible start. I can’t even focus at the moment so I’m posting pictures of things I’d rather be doing right now. We’ll start with one from Saturday. It’s called Nora & the Drunken Fish Bowl and I promise I shared this with two of my best friends.

A perfectly fruity blend of too much alcohol






 Next up: The walkway to our pool at the resort where I was fortunate to reside last summer in St. Thomas.

Gorgeous walkway to the beach side pool in St. Thomas

Lastly: Sunset Cruise/Booze Cruise in Key West, 2007

Key West Sunset, 2007

So I’m off to handle the chaos, though I’ll be pretending that some handsome man offers to hug me before I board a plane to paradise.


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