27 Jun

In approximately 36 minutes my vacation begins. I’m not going anywhere this time and instead will focus on the following list:

  • Take my car to a do-it-yourself car wash and get it spick and span clean. It needs it. I love Jack to death but his black hair does a number on a car with interior, even if you put a sheet in the backseat
  • Tanning. Yes, that’s right. I’ll be poolside as much as possible during non-rainy days.
  • FINALLY finishing Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. I will then take myself to the library, ante up the cash for my library fine and borrow two more books with the hopes of reading at least one during my week off.
  • Exercise. I know it’s a vacation, but I can’t live without it anymore.
  • Jack. Taking him for long walks to tucker him out.
  • Making Photo CDs for a few friends that are long overdue
  • A massage. Not sure when or where, but I’m getting one
  • Packing for Houston. Have to ensure there are a few killer outfits in case I run into Seattle while I’m there.

I feel like a little kid on the last day of school, buzzing with anticipation, bursting with joy and jiggling my legs like crazy to ensure I don’t run out of the office.


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