Night #1 of my Staycation

28 Jun
  • Taking advantage of my free tans from the Tan Co, chillaxin’ in the bed, which honestly is a great way to end a very long work week
  • Catching up with KH about my Thursday evening and making plans for the weekend. Pending the clouds in the sky we’ll be poolside in a few hours
  • A sprint workout. ManMate has given me a list of workouts to do throughout the week in addition to our boot camp. Last night was a 2.5 mile sprint workout. Jog one lap, run half a lap, sprint half a lap, repeat. I peppered in some push-ups and tricep dips as well. It was a rough workout
  • “Wanted,” with the Irishman. Don’t waste your time with the new Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy movie. Besides the great visual effects the plot is kind of bizarre. Highlight of the movie: Morgan Freeman calling James McAvoy a “mother f—–r.”
  • More of that intelligent conversation and … (no, not that) with the Irishman. I’ve decided he’s pretty adorable and sexy in his own way.

One Response to “Night #1 of my Staycation”

  1. anne June 28, 2008 at 1:07 pm #

    Have a great Staycation…. days spent poolside are the best !

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