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30 Jun

Not that I really need to explain myself since this is my blog, but just so everyone is clear, I love the rain so my new blog title is not meant to be negative. Over Memorial Day weekend my friend Mel (who’s getting married in three months!) and I were joking about all my dating stories, she knows that as much as I complain about dating I get a kick out of it, and that all my experiences are like me walking through the rain. Hence the blog title. Eventually you come to a clearing where there are no clouds, or maybe you find an intense storm that could be considered a great relationship. Who knows. At any rate, just wanted everyone to know that.


So the Irishman… he sent me the sweetest text message ever. (I’m finding I don’t have such disdain for texts when they come from someone you might actually like.) Background: he wanted to hang out yesterday but I had made plans with Darling and the Boss all day and evening so we would just have to stick with our Tuesday night date.

The text, coming just after midnight: “So it’s Monday. I still miss your face.”

I don’t know why but that short message has had me smiling non-stop since.

I saw my friend today who set us up (she happens to be my chiropractor) and she was jumping up and down and in near tears that we are going on our fourth date tomorrow night.


It’s officially day number one of my Staycation. I managed to drop some dough at the mall in a short amount of time, treated myself to a healthy turkey sandwich from Bread Co, and now am waiting for Darling as I suspect she wants to run a “girls only,” errand before I had back to MWood for some apartment cleaning, tanning and Boot Camp.  I am loving having no agenda, no responsiblities, no answering phones and dealing with clients. If only every day could be the first day of a vacation.


I was watching Ellen today while finishing up Mr. D’Arcy Takes a Wife (it’s only taken me a year; I’ve read many other books while I’ve had that one started) and Terrence Howard was on the show. I really enjoy him. I like his voice, the way he talks, how he dresses. He’s a bad-boy sexy. Ellen asked if he was dating anyone and he said no because “Forever is a long time to wear the wrong ring.” I don’t think I’ve heard it like that before. That will be my new retort if someone asks me why I’m single.


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