Happy Happy, Joy Joy

1 Jul

(anyone remember Ren & Stimpy? That’s the dance they did when they where happy)

Reasons I’m happy today:

  • I had a lovely, albeit early breakfast with Darling. We did IHOP. It will likely be the only real meal I eat today as I’m stuffed (four hours later) but man was it yummy.
  • Darling handed over my tax refund check today. I’m going to be a very good girl and not spend it all on frivolous things like clothes and shoes and accessories… only a small portion of it. I don’t think the government’s plan was well thought out that we would all rush out and buy new things. Aren’t they aware of a certain five-letter word that was running through our minds when they announced this plan: BILLS??
  • KH took a half-day today so she’s on her way to pick me up for the POOL.
  • I’ve started a new book, Suite Francaise, and like it. I forgot how much I enjoy World War II era novels.
  • Jack and I have gone for two leisurely walks today. He loves having me home.
  • The flowers the Irishman gave me are still alive. Coincidentally we have our fourth date this evening. He won’t tell me what we’re doing but I’m looking forward to it.
  • I went to Waterway today and finally got my car detailed and de-doghaired. It looks brand new and almost too nice to drive.

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