Kathy Bates wants me to date her son

5 Jul

… at least in my dreams. I had a very odd afternoon nap during which Kathy Bates informed me, not asked or suggested, I would date her son. I was no longer allowed to speak to the Irishman, though to his credit he still tried to see me. She followed us everywhere. Installed a GPS tracking device in my phone for when I wasn’t with him. At one point when I tried to run away she locked me up in a room without food or water.

So where does this dream come from?

I watched P.S. I Love You yesterday and she was the mom in that movie so that explains why Kathy Bates of all people.

I saw something about Cinderella on t.v. so maybe that’t the explanation for the tiny room without food or drink.

As for the rest of it, I’m guessing my mind is working through its insecurities regarding dating someone I actually like.

I checked to see if Ms. Bates has a son and according to wikipedia she does not, but Adam Sandler considers her his mother apparently. I would date Adam Sandler, but that’s another story.

The funny moment of the dream, where panic didn’t consume me? When I attempted to outsmart Ms. Bates and disconnect the GPS device from my phone. As soon as it was disconnected she showed up with a new phone with a new GPS device out of nowhere. I would break a phone it would be magically put back together.

Most definitely one of the more weird dreams I’ve had but I’d much rather my brain try to work this crap out in private rather than indirectly effect anything that I may have going on in my personal life.


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