Hanging out in Texas

6 Jul

I arrived in Houston, TX today, with the boss, after a pleasant but slightly bumpy flight. So far…

  • I saw a White Wedding Chapel just moments away from the airport. Harmony Wedding Chapel. Haven’t seen a wedding chapel outisde the bright city of Las Vegas so thought it interesting.
  • Passed a huge building called the Catholic Charismatic Center. No clue who/what they are/do but I’m going to check it out. Just thought it was a neat name.
  • Arrived at the super-swanky hotel we nabbed this year. (Last year I was stuck in a fantastic Super 8 or something out by the pawn shops in Denver. It wasn’t awful but nothing compared to this.) I have a bedroom bigger than the one at my apartment, an “iHome,” appartus, two robes, two sets of slippers, countless bathroom amenities and the most comfortable bed ever. Not sure how I’ll drag myself out of bed and go to the conference, but we’ll make it happen.
  • Munched on a fantastic pesto pizza with quattro fromaggi and smoked chicken with the Boss at the Italian restaurant here at the hotel.
  • Toured the gym (I’m headed there shortly).
  • Smiled when the Irishman suggested driving straight from Minnesota to Houston to see me.
  • Gleefully read the text message from my dog sitter that Jack is doing okay. He gave me the most forlorn look before I left the house today. Broke my heart.

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