O Canada…

10 Jul

So you know those supremely awesome days where everything goes right, you have a snazzy outfit on and you feel unstoppable?

Today was that day for me. As much as these conferences can be hard work, you know, constantly engaging in high-level discussions, being “on,” all the time, soaking up all the information and managing to run your job/business from the road, they can be very rewarding.

At the suggestion of The Boss and partially due to my own pride for our business, we self-nominated (weird, I know, but that’s how Microsoft does it) ourselves for an award. We managed to win three awards, all in great categories, in highly visible regions and in front of key Microsoft employees.

I also was asked to do a presentation on Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, so on and so forth) for one of the groups in which we won an award. It’s always challenging and nervewracking for me to get up in front of 40 people, all of them above the age of 35 and have them buy-in to what I’m saying. Feedback on my segment of the day was good, I’ve initiated some sidebar discussions and look forward to growing our social networking both for my company and this group we belong to as a whole.

And to cap it all off, The Irishman (btw: I’m looking for a new name for him. He’s in IT, knows I have a blog, and while I don’t think he’d search for it, I’d rather change his name, just in case. And I suppose I’m going to stop posting pictures of myself, remove references to my city and etc. Anonymity to an extent is what makes blogging the release that it is! So… suggestions for his new name?) asked me to go to a wedding with him. It actually happens to be the wedding of the woman who set us up (he’s best friends with her fiance) and it is (Drum Roll, please) in Canada.

Before you get started with the “it’s only been a few weeks,” and “it’s too soon!” and “momentum like this can’t keep up forever,” let me stop you there. I am excited. It feels right (if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have said yes). The Boss and I had a l-o-n-g discussion about relationships, my past relationships and dating late last night over dinner post-Microsoft parties and networking and he admitted he hasn’t seen me this ecstatic about a boy since the last-serious-relationship-of-which-I-do-not-speak. I’ve spent two and a half years of my young dating life watching from the dugout, too afraid to step up to the plate and bat, for fear of striking out or worse, getting hit by a pitch. So now, I’m up to the plate, ready to swing for the stars and if at some point I happen to get caught stealing a base or thrown out while running to the next step, so be it. Until then I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


3 Responses to “O Canada…”

  1. cmajor7 July 10, 2008 at 1:13 am #

    Go for it. What’s the harm? It’s hard to hit a game-winning RBI sitting next to the clubhouse water-cooler.

    (to beat your analogy to death…)

  2. oh July 10, 2008 at 6:18 am #

    actually, I’m liking the baseball analogy!

  3. nova July 10, 2008 at 1:17 pm #

    I don’t think it’s too soon at all. In fact, I think that life is too short to sit too long and think about what you’re going to do. If you like him, I say jump in with both feet! Usually you know within the first half hour if you are interested or not in a guy. It’s been a few weeks, and the excitement keeps building, so why not see where it goes? I’m glad you’re going!

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