Sleepy Sunday

13 Jul

I’m going to be totally cliche and overuse a phrase that I don’t really like but it fits the way I’m feeling: life is good.


  • I didn’t let myself look at a computer screen as part of my detox for the last two days. It does wonders for the mind, the eyes, and the blood pressure.
  • KH and I attended a blacktie event on Friday night for a local charity. The people watching was at it’s best (note: do not ever wear silver heels that have metal, spiral coils up your calves with a dress that doesn’t cover your buttcheeks, has hideous zippers and a collar) and we enjoyed some light food fare and complimentary cocktails.
  • Little Man had his fifth birthday party yesterday and I was lucky enough to be invited. We partied with Chuck E. Cheese, enjoyed some fabulously greasy pizza (really, it’s pretty good!), and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him parade around from game to game, informing people he’s growing because he’s five (duh, Nora, didn’t you know that you grow when you’re five?). I have been sitting him for three years now and will be around as long as he lets me.
  • KH turned 24 yesterday which naturally called for a celebration including way too many beers, shots, pictures and dancing festivities followed up with late night pizza. TDH (that’s the Irishman’s new nickname) met KH and TLo yesterday and they really like him (thank goodness).
  • Managed to go to the office for two hours today to bang away at the accumulation of email, paperwork and random crap that piled on my desk in the last week. Tomorrow, though it will be a Monday, should be relatively smooth.
  • Surprised TDH at one of his kickball games, met the team, and then returned chez moi for a great walk with Jack, laundry and laziness. I really do love Sundays. And those weekends where everything was perfect, everyone got along, and all you can do is smile.

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