Red Carpet Divas

15 Jul

I realize I glossed over the Red Carpet Event KH and I attended on Friday night. My company is dedicated to helping out local charities so we donate sometime and computers pro bono to the Youth Lifeline America Foundation when they have their Life Skills camp in the MidWest. In exchange for our kindess Roland Williams gives us a few tickets to attend the Red Carpet Event which is comprised of:

  • Open Bars. Lots of them this year
  • A casino where you can gamble for raffle tickets to win some of their great prizes
  • An oral and silent auction. They had two totally adorable black lab puppies in the oral auction this year
  • Since they held the event at the Maserati/Bentley dealership, there were plenty of fancy cars to look at
  • Music
  • Athletes, athletes and more athletes. Highlighted Athlete of the evening: Kurt Warner. Wearing a suit that was a bit too tight (the buttons looked strained) he hung around by himself with some toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I didn’t have my camera with me of course, but it’s nice to know that even celebs have real-people moments
  • Funniest event of the evening: One of our partner companies had employees there as well and one of the women who attended has abnormally huge boobs and she wore a dress to show them off (think nude colored mesh. not attractive). When she was moving through the crowd someone ran into her and spilled a whole glass of white wine down her front. KH decided to grab a napkin I had in my hand, although she had no idea there was a cannoli wrapped up in the napkin, a “surprise,” from a co-worker of mine. As KH grabs the napkin to hand it to miss-fake-boobs, the cannoli flies into the air and miraculously lands on my plate instead of this woman’s cleavage. We were all laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.

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