16 Jul

As we all know each relationship has significant milestones: first date (ours was Blueberry Hill & Ted Drewes), first time he holds your hand (the night he made me dinner not only did he hold it, he gave me a really awesome hand/arm massage), first kiss (also the night he made me dinner, pretty impressive), first time he calls you his girlfriend (see yesterday’s blog) and then other things like meeting his best friends, crashing at his place for the first time, making weekend plans together.

Yesterday was a two-in-one. Meeting the friends and staying at his house. The staying at his house part was easy… cute, even. Brushing our teeth together. Getting water before we trekked up the stairs to the loft part of his condo. Setting our alarms in unison (although he got to sleep until 7 and I was gone by 5:45).

And meeting his friends went pretty well. We did a low-key dinner at a Mexican place in South City, complete with margaritas (so much for my not drinking for one month idea). I was insanely nervous only because these are his main friends, you know, the kind you see three times a week. For some reason I feel more comfortable meeting people’s families over their friends.

So, two hurdles completed in one night.

Next up? I’m cooking him dinner next week. That is how you know I really like him. I rarely cook for people.


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