17 Jul

It’s been far too long…

Love: Apartment Hunting.
Hate: The idea of packing. At first I thought I didn’t have a lot until I realized I own 90% of what’s currently in my apartment. I am also a little nervous to live all alone; I know I’ll like it but there will be no ManMate to hang up the curtain rods, take out the trash or walk Jack if I come home a little too inebriated to walk. TDH is just going to have to stick around!

Love: Cheap heels.
Hate: Cheap heels. I bought this hot pink pair at Charlotte Russe only becuase they match a few of my favorite going out shirts. However, the balls of my feet hate me after about one hour and since I wear heels nearly everyday of my life, I know it’s the quality of said shoe.

Love: Summer.
Hate: I feel it slipping away. Grad school courses start again in a month. ONE MONTH. Bridal Showers/Bachelorette Parties/Weddings also start in August. While I’m excited for Canada (okay, who am I kidding? I’m very excited) and my friend Mel’s wedding, I’m not prepared just yet to end the Summer of Nora. I forgot how liberating it is to do things that you want to do and not doing them because you feel obligated.

Love: FOOD.
Hate: I have marginally fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon. I’m still hitting up the gym four-five times a week for an hour each time, but my body is angry with me for neglecting my grilled chicken, broccoli and protein. Dating makes it hard. Having a life makes it hard… so I am going to have to buckle down.


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