I’m a Big Girl Now…

19 Jul

… okay, so one could argue I’ve been a “big,” girl since the day I moved out of my parents house to go to college. Or the day I moved out of their house over three years ago to live on my own. Well, I’m officially, 100% going to live alone. I’ve been on my own for years, so that’s nothing new, but not having a roommate is a first. In my twentysomething plus years, I’ve always had at least one roommate. There were times I had two, even three people I shared a place with.

Not anymore. I found a great one bedroom apartment a whole two blocks from where I am now (perhaps I won’t hate moving so much?). A third floor apartment with a balcony, fabulous windows and lighting, a great red kitchen with tons of counterspace and enough room for a dining room table! (You are all invited over for dinner.) My bedroom is as big as the one at my parents house and it has a DOUBLE DOOR CLOSET. Finally, no more tiny little closet in which to keep my massive amounts of clothes. My shoes can finally live on the floor insted of an obnoxious metal shoe rack on the back of my door. I can hang up everything.

Did I mention I get a great sunroom as part of the deal? It’s not hooked up to the central heat/air, but it will be useful at least six months of the year when it’s in between, as it is much of the time here in the MidWest. TDH and his friends have volunteered to move me (I hope I mentioned to them it’s a third floor apartment. TOP floor, actually, which means no annoying neighbors like I have at present), though I’m sure I’ll offer them a steak dinner or something of the sort as payment.

This is the next logical step for me. I thought about buying something but even with the less than desirable house market, decided against it. I love the MidWest but buying something is a little too permanent, makes me a little too stuck here. I can’t wait to take bubble baths with the bathroom door open. I look forward to leaving my heels laying around the living room, although if you know me, you know that will last about two minutes before I put them away in the right spot. I look forward to reading a book on my pappa-san chair (without Jack hair, I hope) on a Sunday afternoon and not having to answer to anyone.

And if I get lonely? Well, maybe that’s why they invented cell phones. Friends and family are just a button away.


One Response to “I’m a Big Girl Now…”

  1. SSG November 11, 2008 at 1:11 pm #

    How you finding it living alone? I lived with flatmates before and now the boyfriend, but never fully alone. Don’t know if I would like it so much, i don’t always enjoy my own company and I would worry i would get too insular or rigid, but then I worry too much!

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