MWood makes the map…

21 Jul

Ever seen GoodFellas? If so, remember the scene where Ray Liotta is driving and can hear helicopters everywhere but can’t really see them?

That’s how my morning started. TDH snoozing in my bed, I am dolled up for work, walking Jack and hear the sound of sirens and helicopters in the distance. It’s not unusual to hear sirens… helicopters cruise through on occasion to get from one highway to another, but not usually at 7:40 in the morning. I thought nothing of it until I was on my way to work and discovered that two blocks west of me there was a police stand-off with a shooter, a car fire, a house fire.

Within hours the FBI, military tanks to combat the fire, SWAT team and tactical bomb squads were called in.

One firefighter, at the age of 22, lost his life this morning at the hands of the shooter. Two cops are injured. The house has since burned to the ground, presumably, though not confirmed, with the shooter inside. There are no details as to why the car was on fire, no idea as to why the man started shooting the fireman and police who were trying to help.

MWood is in a state of chaos today; I had to run home to check on Jack as there were rumors that the power on my street was out. There were cops and firetrucks everywhere. Our flags are at halfmast (and rightly so) and everyone’s nerves are a little jangled.

I’m kind of in shock. Can’t believe it was only two blocks from me. That I slept through the sound of the car exploding, that I didn’t hear the gunshots. I can’t fathom that someone would fire at our public servants, that it’s so close to me.

It’s all so surreal and has paralyzed my little township with fear and helpless wonderment. Too bad MWood didn’t get as much press time for their stellar boys’ basketball team as we are for this senseless tragedy.


2 Responses to “MWood makes the map…”

  1. oh July 22, 2008 at 7:04 pm #

    Freaked when I heard your street’s name on the news.
    Relieved you’re OK.
    Shocked and grieving for fireman and police.
    Tired of tears and fears, we go on, remembering, embracing, as we go.

  2. meldoesgradschool July 23, 2008 at 6:28 pm #

    That’s so crazy and awful… it’s honestly so terrifying when bad things happen so close to home and when young people lose their lives for no good reason (and is there ever a good reason for 22-year-olds to lose their lives?) and I’m so sorry… I wish I had something more profound to offer you, other than sometimes good things come from tragedy and I know that can’t be much comfort to you now… at least you are all right, as are most of the people involved, and Jack! I guess you have to appreciate the little things when big bad stuff happens… good luck though and I’m thinking good thoughts for you!

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