Tag, I’m It…

21 Jul

In response to being tagged in Darling’s blog:

I don’t know much about The Time Machine. So my choices are based upon what I’ve read, or what I’ve heard guys like. I could be way off, but here it goes:

  • Ulysses by James Joyce. The Boss has read this three, maybe four times in his life and has the book on CD. TDH enjoys Joyce as well and has read this maybe twice.
  • The Bible. Again, not knowing anything about George, it seems like a logical choice if you are traveling through time, wandering around, perhaps a bit lost maybe it will get him through the rough patches.
  • The Worst Case Scenario Book. (Pick a volume.) I’m sure this is too contemporary for the actual character and etc, but from what I understand about time travel it puts you in some awkward situations and this book helps you through them.

Now, I have a general question… I just finished the Time Traveler’s Wife and according to that book you can’t take anything from your present into the future or the past and vice versa. So, how can George take books with him?


One Response to “Tag, I’m It…”

  1. oh July 22, 2008 at 6:43 am #

    whoa – cool choices. Ulysses! sure, for language and life. The Bible – more good stories and spirituality. But the worst case scenario? I had to cheer at this choice and also for your reason and description! Why not take this one (even though it hadn’t been written)?
    As for taking things along when you time travel, well, the “old school” would have you believe you COULD take stuff but it might be dangerous in terms of impacting other cultures and times by so doing. Interesting…

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