Dream Jobs

24 Jul

I try really hard to keep from making this a totally complaining blog for a few reasons:

1) Who likes a Debbie Downer?

2) What I would like to complain about could be read by someone and get me in trouble, especially when it pertains to my job

However, this week, apart from The Stellar Boss (aka Dad) and the fact that we think alike, this week at work has been H-E-double hockey sticks. My other boss who shall remain nickname-less… well, he sucks. That’s the best way to explain it. And I know I have a great job, great benefits, so much future potential and oddly while I was in Houston I discovered I’m much more passionate about our little family business than I thought so I doubt I’ll leave.

But on weeks like this I dream of the jobs I wish I had. Here they are:

  • Full-time Nanny. I don’t care if it’s for a famous baseball player or for my favorite kid (Little Man). I love kids, I love the jobs involved with it, I love being a nanny.
  • Wedding Planner. Seriously. I know that being a bridesmaid seven times doesn’t qualify you to plan weddings, but I’ve learned a lot. And apart from the day you have a kid, it seems this is the right up there in the top five best days of your life so aside from the bridezillas and stress, it would be great to have a job revolving around love.
  • Dog Shelter Owner. It would probably have to be a dog shelter farm or something as I would never, ever put a dog to sleep but as much as I love kids, I love dogs too. They deserve love, nurturing, a comfy couch and a good home.
  • Cruise Ship Director. It’s the event planner in me. I don’t see anything wrong with being on a boat, with the ocean surrounding you, traveling from one palm tree filled destination to the next. Maybe the small quarters and constant boat rocking, but I could handle that.
  • Personal Shopper. Combining two interests: clothes + people. Enough said.
  • My reach dream job: Press Secretary for the White House. When I was hooked on The West Wing, I envied Alison Janney. I wanted to be her.
  • My reach dream job #2: lobbyist for a non-profit group serving children.
  • Date planner/matchmaker. While there are a fair amount of dating services, they don’t tell you what do after you get the date. Where to go, what to do, appropriate attire, presents (if applicable) and etc. I have assisted many of my guy friends in planning dates going so far as to make the reservations for them mostly because they are clueless.

I suppose that if I decide to jump ship, several of those jobs are within my reach. I guess it’s all about taking a leap of faith and going for it…

What would you do if you could have any job you wanted?


4 Responses to “Dream Jobs”

  1. oh July 25, 2008 at 7:09 am #

    Easy one. Get paid to read. Get paid to write. No schedule. What is that job called? Will have to respond more (later tonight?) at http://www.westcobich.wordpress.com.

  2. oh July 25, 2008 at 7:10 am #

    PS I’d say you could do what you do now AND start up your wedding planning on the side. Then, once that picked up speed, you run both companies. (No one has to do just one thing to do it well.)

  3. meldoesgradschool July 25, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    Since you number your comment on my blog and I totally find that helpful, I’m going to try it and forget about how it makes me feel like I’m giving into the OCD and thus perpetuating its vicious cycle…

    1. Sometimes the bad stuff helps us out in the long run… it makes your realize what you love enough to put up with the bad stuff for and in this case it seems to be helping you evaluate whether or not you really do want to stay at your current job, even with stinky boss-man. I don’t know why I’m a positive psychology trip… guess it’s that I’m sort of trying to incorporate a bunch of it into recent projects and now it’s shaping everything…

    2. I love your idea for the date/matchmaking thing because I totally agree that people need that… it’s so weird, but now that I’ve started going on what are more or less “official dates” I can’t even remotely figure out what to do or how to act because I don’t even remember the last time it was so clearly defined that I was going on a date, dating a guy, whatever… it’s bizarre and someone to explain some stuff to both sides seems like a great idea – then everyone is playing by the same rules!

    3. Dog shelter… well, I worked at the Houston Humane Society for two years and I don’t know that I could do it again. The burn out is pretty intense… though nothing compared to the smell of having a lot of dogs in one place. Seriously, everything you wear, your hair, etc. all takes on that smell – it’s worse than smoke in a bar. And then you just want to take every dog home with you. Though if it was a farm and you lived there, I guess you’d get used to the smell and it’d be like all the dogs were yours. Though you feel so weird playing with only one or two dog at a time… it seems so cruel to walk by the others and it’s an amazing thing to do, but seriously… I don’t know… but you can always volunteer to do some of the stuff you’d want to do (with all your free time, I know!) and see if you’d want to really switch careers/jobs/life paths…

    3. Thanks for all your encouragement… I feel so weird about all of this stuff. It’s exciting, but scary, but confusing, but 27 other emotions. At least. Seriously. But your feedback is amazing and it’s nice to know I’m not crazy… so basically, what I’m saying is you rock! :o)


  4. Erin August 14, 2008 at 3:29 pm #

    Hey enter this contest where you can win your dream job for a day! Good luck!


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