The Slacker Checks-In

27 Jul

I’ve been a crappy blogger lately. With everything that’s been going on lately I haven’t had a ton of time to myself, or if I have, I’ve been sleeping.

Between the emotional drama from the awful accident on my street, enjoying TDH so much that we avoid sleep as much as possible, working out as often as I can for my sanity and to keep the title of “hot girlfriend,” that TDH’s friends have given me, working, taking care of Jack, finding my apartment and etc etc etc, staring at a computer screen has been low on my list of things to do.

So I suppose it’s update time…

  • The Top Five. I met another one of TDH’s top-five-friends-that-must-give-me-approval on Friday night. His friend was awesome. His friends girlfriend, not so much. We met at the Chocolate Bar where I proceeded to order AND share the chocolate sundae overdrive which is basically some of the best ice cream in the world with copious amounts of hot fudge sauce and whipped cream on it. We sat outside in the StL humidity and exchanged pleasantries and casual conversation for a little over an hour.
  • Hiking. KH, TDH and myself ventured out for a 3.5 mile hike yesterday in the heat of the day (which was a bad idea, though hiking in itself was pretty awesome). We saw only one deer while we were on the trail, a variety of stupid flies that buzz, buzz, buzzed around my ears, and several scuttling animals that went so fast we were unsure as to what they were and decided it was best to continue the trek. I am definitely going back when it’s not 100 degrees in the woods and can actually enjoy the trip a little more. And maybe do more than 3.5 miles.
  • Kickball. Coming up in the next hour, I’m playing on TDH’s kickball team this afternoon since they are short a few people. I have no clue what I’m doing so I’m gunning for a position in the outfield.
  • Alone time. As in time to myself. Dating is awesome, TDH never ceases to amaze (he brought me gorgeous sunflowers on Friday night) but between all the dates and everything mentioned in the paragraph at the beginning of this blog little things slip like taking movies back to Blockbuster on time. Cleaning the apartment. Catching up on emails. I’ve had a fair amount of it this week (Wed/Thursday, some hours yesterday and today) and while I really would like to be with TDH or my friends it’s nice to be alone with my thoughts. And Jack, of course, who is incessantly bringing toys to my feet.
  • ManMate. It’s official. August 15th I’m moving out of my current place. Only three more weeks with him as a ManMate. I’m excited but it’s also bittersweet. He’s been such a great friend who’s turned into a brother. I’m nervous in a sense… maybe because I know that we’ll no longer see each other between our busy schedules and lifestyle choices. The only time we’ll catch up is when he’s kicking my butt at the gym. It’s hard for me to let go sometimes. I’ve helped him with life choices, financial situations, girl advice, work advice and so much more in the last two years that it’s hard for me to think of him turning to someone else for a change. I suppose it’s time he figures it all out on his own. He is, after all, 28.

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