31 Jul

Taking a page from Darling’s blog, I’m turning my attention to books today.

I finished Shadow of the Wind on Tuesday evening. It’s been awhile since a non-chick lit book made me turn pages as quickly as this one did. There are some excellent quotes throughout the book that of course I can’t recall about love, the human condition and life, not to mention a great plot full of mystery, intrigue and twists/turns at every corner.

I’ve moved on to A Farewell to Arms. I’ve read this book at least twice since college. The day it was assigned to me in my Lit class I started it and finished in. In a matter of about three hours. TDH is reading it after he finishes David Sedaris for the first time so I’m being a superdork and reading it again so we can talk about it. (That’s one of the great things about him… we love to read, so we read together and talk about what we are reading, why we like it, etc etc.)

Grad School starts on August 18th which means that my pleasure reading is going to have to subside which kind of makes me sad simply because I have two other books on my shelf begging to be read. Cry of the Dove, a book I randomly picked up at Barnes & Noble, didn’t purchase, and went back weeks later looking for it and The Tattooed Soldier, a book I bought for $3 based upon the back cover. I also have a list of books to read that is at least a page long.

I forgot how wonderful it is to be gobbled up by a story, reading as quickly as possible while still savoring the words and pondering the meaning. It’s been far too long and now that I’m back into my literary mode I’m hesitant to abandon it again.


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