What gets out hummus?

2 Aug

(anyone know what this blog title is from? Answer to yesterday’s log: You’ve Got Mail. Tom Hanks sends Meg Ryan an email “I’d send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address, however this not knowing has it’s charm.”)

I’ve been having a bit of adventures with my allergies lately. Monday night Hummus set me off, prompting me drink three glasses of water in a minute and swallow a Benadryl at the dinner table. Crisis was averted as it was only my throat feeling as though there were a million lumps inside of it. Last night, KH, TDH and our friend Paul were out and about, playing darts, having some beer and unforunately KH and I both ordered a wonderful beer (La Fin Du Monde, from Quebec).

Unfortunate in the sense that KH’s throat started to swell up. Enter stage left: benadryl! I don’t know if it was my tipsy-ness but I thought my throat was starting to get itchy as well so TDH made me take a benadryl as well. Next thing TDH and Paul know, they have two very loopy, semi-intoxicated girls on their hands. Again, another crisis averted.

That’s the scariest thing to KH and myself- you never know what is going to set off our allergies. Guacamole? Yup, happened to me on a date. Regular hummus? Apparently. Beer that has nuts in it somehow? Most definitely. Soy chocolate milk? It sounds so good but within seconds my throat is on fire, my lips turn red and I panic. My parents joke that eventually I’m only going to be able to order water when I go out to eat. Here’s hoping they aren’t right.

In other news… TDH is still great. I don’t want to be that girl who gushes about her boyfriend, but he’s fantastic. He’s already bought me flowers more times than all the other guys in my life combined. First date: Daisies. Last week: Sunflowers. Yesterday: Asterias. I would take pictures and post them but my camera is not working… again. (It’s amazing how sad I am without my camera. I’ll need it or a new one before Canada. For sure.)

I finally heard from the other chick I’m hosting the bridal shower with, the invites are finally going out, I’m basically just buying the booze for the party and helping set-up and we are good to go. True to myself, I’ll keep my smiling face on the whole time, take lots of pictures (I hope) and act as though nothing was wrong.

Exercising is paying off. I’ve dropped two dress sizes and a solid pant size, almost down to another. I’ve been asked if I’m a personal trainer and I feel great. The only catch? I can’t ever stop working out apparently. Good thing I like it.


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