I’m Back!

13 Aug

Life is still a whirlwind but after three years of constant tornadic activity in my life I know not to expect anything less. I thrive on being busy (for the most part) and have accepted it as part of my lifestyle.

I have had a lot of friends who read this blog ask me about TDH, wanting specifics. I suppose I never really provided them for fear that he would use his wiley IT ways and track me down. I’m 99% certain he hasn’t done that so here goes:

  • His birthday is coming up on November 4th at which time he’ll be 26. You would think he was older as he acts that way
  • He’s a former improv/actor. He did improv and acting since middle school and was even part of an improv troupe after college. His mannerisms and hand motions indicate this, not to mention how funny he is
  • He has stacks and stacks of books at his condo (yes, he owns his place). Everything from David Sedaris to Ernest Hemingway to James Joyce to the Collection of the Best Short Stories (all years). I recently invited him to book club and he’s interested. We are reading Gentlemen and Players which at first blush sounds like a good book.
  • He owns a measuring cup, olive oil and really great kitchen knives. I mention this as it explains his kitchen proficiency. He dabbles in the Asian Cuisine more than anything else but what he’s cooked for me so far has been quite excellent.
  • He doesn’t have cable but instead listens to iTunes and downloads movies and t.v. shows he’s interested in.
  • He paints. And writes. And smokes (cigarettes). We have actually gotten to a point where he’ll smoke in front of me and I don’t really mind. Don’t condone, but it’s part of who is he is and I’m actually okay with it.
  • You already know he brings me flowers, has no fear showing his affection for me; it seems I might “Meet the Parents” next week which I’m excited and nervous about.

If you have other TDH questions, just let me know.

As for the other areas of my life…

  • Grad school starts on Sunday. I’m very excited about the courses I’ve signed up for and am thrilled I went the online route. It will be much easier to deal with than going to class for four hours at a time.
  • My OLD apartment is full of boxes and bags and mess as I get ready to move into my place starting tomorrow night. Everything should be done by Friday evening and then I can commence to decorating/organizing/re-arranging and unpacking until I have everything where I want it.
  • I am going to work for Cha-Cha (a texting service, check it out, it’s cool) for some extra bucks a month. You work from home, online, and it’s awesome.
  • Canada is in two weeks. I’m so excited. Should be gorgeous.
  • Work = super busy. I’m taking the time to write this during my lunch hour, at my desk, so that I don’t go crazy. All sorts of exciting things coming up at the office, including new projects, job roles and more.

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