Livin La Vida Solo

17 Aug

Three days later and the move is finally complete. Friday brought several interesting revelations… while old apartment buildings are charming and unique, their staircases aren’t forgiving. My fabulous red couch which is very bold and similar to something you’d see on FRIENDS is at my old place as it does not and will not fit in the stairwell (front or back). My box spring mattress faced the same sentence and is now lying by the dumpster.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I took my brother and TDH out to dinner Friday night for their assistance in helping me move, enjoyed half a pitcher of beer and declared I would buy furniture that is easily put together.

And so I did. I am now the proud owner of a futon, wood frame, red cover (of course, I love my red furniture and matching accessories), a very neat Japanese bed frame which TDH is putting together tomorrow and a matching dresser which I am going to attempt to put together myself today.

The bathroom and kitchen are mostly put together, the living room is 90% of the way there. I still need to pick up the dining room table from my parents place, hang my artwork, my curtains and source an a/c window unit for the sun room as it’s the only place in my apartment that is not connected to the central air & heat. My closet is a mess and I have lots of trash to throw away but it’s slowly starting to feel like it will be my new home.

Jack has been at my parents for a few days so I’m going to pick him up today and bring him back to our new casa. I hope he likes it.

I have managed to take care of setting up my internet, stereo and other technical aspects of the apartment on my own. I borrowed ManMate’s hammer and will hang my art and curtains today. And then I will enjoy my first meal in my very own apartment this evening.

I have trepidations still about being alone mostly because for the last 48 hours my brother, KH or TDH has been with me, and I as I type this I’m all by myself. Just me. The t.v. in the background. It will take some getting used to, but I’ll do it. I always do.


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