The end of my reign

25 Aug

My bridesmaid streak is coming to and end. Mel is the last best friend of mine who is getting married and while I know I’ve complained about being a bridesmaid and all the details they require, I’ve come to enjoy and apprecite all the hooplah that surrounds the weddings, parties and etc.

I’ll spare you the extravagant details from this past weekend and instead give you a few highlights that are noteworthy:

  • Playing “I’ve Never,” (I’ve never kissed more than two guys in one night, I’ve never made out with a magician who had a gun, etc etc. You drink when you HAVE done these things) with 13 women is a bad idea. I will not share what “I’ve Nevers,” I actually have done but suffice to say I wound up drinking for 13 straight rounds. That managed to get me fairly intoxicated pretty quickly.
  • At one of my favorite bars from my past, I was asked if I could “offer service,” to a few guys. Yes, that’s right, service. Shocked and appalled, I walked away. Who asks that question and thinks its okay?
  • We got Mel a lapdance from a Brazilian man for the price of one Budweiser beer. He didn’t really know what a lap dance was and his consisted of a lot of finger pointing and dancing. The actual time he spent on her lap was about 30 seconds. We noticed he was married and he said “Yes, I’m married. Onl in Brazil though.” Alrighty then.
  • In an attempt to keep things interesting we hit up Lure, a new night club, only to be forced out about 10 seconds after we got in. Someone got into a fight and maced someone else so the pepper spray hung in the air in the tight club, causing hacking, nose-covering, sneezing and a mass exodus for the door. Welcome to downtown StL: a serious fight involving a knife took place across the street simultaneously. Fortunately Mel wanted to meet TDH so badly she invited him out around 11:30 pm so I grabbed his arm and we hit the road.
  • Bridal shower went well; there was a collective sigh of relief when people heard we weren’t playing shower games.

One Response to “The end of my reign”

  1. Stephanie August 25, 2008 at 6:44 pm #

    I’ve never played ‘I’ve Never.’ And I feel extremely lame for that.

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