Back up…

27 Aug

… I hurt my back on Sunday.

Having been an independent, strong-willed and physically strong girl, I told TDH I could help him move my red couch to Darling & The Boss’ house, no problem, despite a recent twinge of pain in my lower back from the move two weeks ago. (For those of you in the StL area you must come check out my parents living room. The red couch is PERFECT for their house and the room looks great.)

We get it all the way out the apartment door, down two flights of stairs, and then I lose my grip. So, naturally, I squat down to pick it up (ManMate would be proud), but the angle was bad and a shooting, electric, firey pain made it’s way up my lower back and into my eyes, causing tears to well up. TDH eyed me over the couch not saying “I told you so,” but I knew he was thinking it.

I couldn’t move. I was totally frozen in place. I admitted defeat and TDH called one of his friends to assist, so I watched pitifully from the borrowed van as they finished the job.

Of course I planned to cook TDH dinner on Sunday night for all of his help with moving but that plan was no longer going to happen. Hardly able to walk, stand with my shoulders in line with my hips, the white Nora flag was waving high.

TDH stepped up to the plate, walking Jack, making me chicken fajitas with margaritas to dull the pain, helping me upstairs. Doesn’t it sound so sexy and romantic? Me, crawling on the floor as it hurt to move, only able to find one comfortable position in which to watch a movie, having to throw myself into his car and grunt as I got up to get out of it. Yes, sexy is the word…

He helped me Sunday and Monday being the fabulous boyfriend that he is, but last night I drove out to Darlings and have made a home there until tomorrow. Besides, the chiropractor I’m seeing is a whole five minutes from their house so it makes sense not to waste 30 miles worth of gas twice a day unless I have to.

I am feeling much better today. A tad embarassed that TDH saw the vulnerable Nora. A tad aggravated at the explanations my clients and co-workers want when they see me standing at my desk.

The only good thing to come of this: I am wearing tennis shoes to work, my back feels better and TDH proved to me, yet again, what an amazing man he is.

Now to survive the airplane ride with this silly back tomorrow… which I can do. I will do. Because this back? Yeah, it’s going to Canada and it’s going to like it. Every minute of it.

(I’m taking my laptop with me as grad school work calls, so I’ll update the blog as I can. Pictures for sure to follow when I return!)


2 Responses to “Back up…”

  1. Stephanie August 27, 2008 at 2:23 pm #

    Back problems are the worst! Moving that couch was bad news bears.

  2. anne August 28, 2008 at 6:48 pm #

    Oh girlfriend I was crooked for over a month and like you, crawling at times. Stuck in bed, stuck on the couch, crying out in pain because one false move was bad news.

    I truly truly send you good back vibes and a speedy recovery. If it does not get better I have a secret weapon in my back pocket that has worked miracles…. Holly the PT :-) Let me know if you want her info.

    Have fun in Canada !

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