Second Date & Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

31 Aug

The wedding festivities were last night. Ceremony on the beach as the sun set. Reception following on her parents property under a gorgeous white tent, dazzled with white lights, excessive amounts of wine (they had enough wine alone for everyone to get drunk with), a DJ who insisted on changing the songs every 30 seconds, and a lovely bride and groom.

Rach, the bride, wore a gorgeous, off-white Cinderella gown. We bumped into each other on the dance floor at some point in the evening and I told her how thrilled I was to be at their wedding, how fantastic she looked (every bride always looks radiant) and that everything was amazing. (Probably one of the best weddings I’ve been too in a long while.)

Rach pulled me off the dance floor to “tell me a secret.” Since I see her a few times a week I know about her pre-wedding jitters and concerns about the wedding itself, so I assumed this “secret,” was wedding related.

Wrong-o. It was about TDH.

“So, after your first… no, maybe second date. Yes, it was the second date. TDH, he RSVP’d for two to our wedding.”

Don’t ask me why but that statement is quite possibly one of the sweetest, most adorable things I’ve heard about TDH since we started dating. Sure, TDH and I discuss our first thoughts when we met each other (his: “Damn, she’s hot!” Mine: “He brought me FLOWERS!!!!”), what our favorite quirks are about each other and so on, but I never would have guessed that TDH liked me that much early on.

Later in the evening TDH told me that he’s falling for me… and I, well, I am clearly falling down what I like to call the Rabbit Hole from Alice In Wonderland. Amazing. Scary. Full of twists and turns, with no idea what’s at the end, but the adrenaline rush, you can’t beat it. So, with 24 hours left in Canada with TDH, I am continuing my fall.

(pictures and more stories to come this week).


2 Responses to “Second Date & Falling Down the Rabbit Hole”

  1. Kyla Bea August 31, 2008 at 10:14 pm #

    Oh my gosh!! So sweet! I can’t wait for pictures = )

  2. Stephanie September 1, 2008 at 4:38 pm #

    Aw, that’s adorable!

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