Picture A Day, Canada Photo #1

1 Sep
Moment of Zen in Centennial Park

Moment of Zen in Centennial Park

One of my five or so favorite pictures from the entire trip.

We took this ourselves in Centennial Park on the riverfront during our first day in Sarnia.

Days activities included lunch at a lovely Irish Pub where we could sit outside as the weather was in the mid 70s, followed by the walk in Centennial Park, and then we hit up Front Street. Several used bookstores and antique shops later, it was nap time. We didn’t get to Sarnia until 2:30 am on Thursday! Between delayed Southwest flights and waiting for our rental car shuttle, not to mention an impromptu stop at Wendy’s (diet restarts at midnight this evening) plus tons of fog on our drive up, it was definitely a late, long night. A nap was definitely in order especially considering it was our vacation. Overall, the trip was fantastic. No fights, aggravation, moments of angst or wanting to throw a shoe at each other.


One Response to “Picture A Day, Canada Photo #1”

  1. oh September 2, 2008 at 7:54 am #

    Welcome back, and damn, you take good pictures! (has a lot to do with the “subjects”, too!

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