Picture a Day, Canada Photo #5

5 Sep
Rocking out at the Reception

Rocking out at the Reception

Yet another of my favorite pictures from the Sarnia Trip (minus my chipmunk cheeks. They refuse to go away!).

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but evidently TDH is quite the dancer. I don’t mean dancer as in he’s great at it… no, not great. But funny. Think of Chandler (from Friends) combined with a bit of Elaine (From Seinfeld), and many, many facial expressions. The moment the song “Shook Me (All Night Long),” came on , TDH dragged me out onto the dancefloor.

I laughed at him throughout the entire first song, not able to keep up with his fast-paced legs and insane fist-pumping. I finally realized that his way of dancing (not sure what you would call it) is much more fun than my way of dancing (for style and attractiveness), and started to dance around like a Mexican Jumping Bean. Not only was it a great workout for my legs, I’ve never had so much fun dancing in my life.

We had our first slow dance (see! I told you there would be more firsts!) to “At Last my Love Has Come Along,” by Etta James. Prior to this wedding I hadn’t slowdanced with a man in three years. THREE YEARS. Combine that fact with the intense, insane amout of like I have for this man and you get our first dance.

TDH and I have two more weddings to attend this month alone, plus a reception on Sunday so I have a feeling my calves will be getting quite the workout.

(Random side note: I am thrilled to have a bit of gym clearance! I am allowed the elliptical and upper body workouts only right now, but that means the back is healing!!! I can’t even express how great it felt to be back in the gym last night. Once I can do full-routine it’s totally back on.)


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