The Rest of Nora’s Life

9 Sep

What else is new with me besides TDH???

  • Grad School. Ever-consuming, ridiculous amounts of reading, grad school. I love my class mostly because the teacher has a knack for making us read a case study about caviar or wool production and apply it to globalization, the international economy and outsourcing. I know more about sturgeon farming and the Kingdom of Lesotho than I ever thought possible. Apart from the fact that I am being a super-procrastinator this term, the course is going quite well.
  • My apartment! I realized today I have spent a total of 10 days/nights in it since I moved in due to Canada, house-sitting for my parents, evenings at TDH’s and bridal shower/bachelorette fun. I’m super excited for this weekend as its my first entire weekend there. TDH is putting the bed frame together this evening for the cost of a home-cooked dinner. I’ll be putting up pictures and artwork. Then all that’s left is dining room table chairs, for which I have a plan: garage sales and flea markets. Four different style chairs. All painted the same base color. Each one has a different design on the seat that I’ll miraculously come up with.
  • Jack. I’ve been watching my parents house (Darling and the Boss have been on white-sand beaches in Florida since Friday) so he’s been running with the pack. Despite the fact that my parents dogs are 12 and 14 years old, Jack gets them riled up and runs in circles around them. We go back to my place tonight and I’m already prepared for Jack to be “dog depressed,” for two days.
  • Two weeks and counting until Mel’s Wedding. This year of weddings has been great for me because as a bridesmaid the experiences have been completely different. New Year’s Wedding. Indian/American wedding. Church/Farm Reception Wedding. And there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No one else is engaged. I’m not in anyone else’s wedding for the forseeable future! Which means I can save money. And buy dresses I want to wear.
  • One Tree Hill. I’m completely into it. And I’m almost 25. Mondays at 9pm is for couch time with Chad Michael Murray and the gang.
  • Present buying. TDH’s birthday is coming up. Not soon, but not that far away and considering his tastes are different than mine (he prefers older, antique, hard to find things), I have to get started early. I love buying presents. I love giving surprises.
  • Other than that, it’s business as usual: Work. Sleep. Social life (mostly with TDH’s friends lately, I need to remedy that). Think about going to the gym since I’m not allowed to (again) and get grumpy because I can’t workout. Pine for clothes I want to buy. Read an excessive amount as I’m still on the Twilight Series and really enjoying Gentlemen & Players.

One Response to “The Rest of Nora’s Life”

  1. Kyla Bea September 10, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    How did meeting the parents go?

    My goodness, you have so much going on right now – is this your first year of grad school or are you in the middle of it?

    I don’t see an e-mail address here but you should definitely just e-mail me so I don’t just harass you through your comments endlessly.

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