Father-Daughter Convo

13 Sep

On Wednesday I emailed Darling and Boss requesting an evening where they could formerly meet TDH (they have only met him for a fleeting moment) including a note such as “I am meeting his family tomorrow, so I’d like him to meet you guys! Let me know…”

At the end of my day I routinely stop by the Boss’ office to say bye, kiss him on his forehead (how very Italian, right??) and wrap up the days tasks. This particular time he asked me to shut the door.

Boss: So things are pretty serious with TDH, huh?
Nora: Well I don’t know about pretty serious, but we really like each other yes.
Boss: Well you know your mom wil be going crazy to get the house ready for the dinner in a few weeks.
Nora: I don’t see why. It’s no big deal.
Boss: Yes, it is… although the kid hasn’t even talked to me about anything.
Nora: Huh?
Boss: Well, his parents are coming to meet us. That must mean something big is happening.
Nora (short of breath): What? I didn’t say that! Do you know something I don’t?
Boss: You mean his parents aren’t coming to dinner in a few weeks?
Nora: God! NO! You’re giving me hives. I’m not ready for that. Goodness!
Boss (laughing, relieved): Oh… I must have misread. I thought we were doing the big “meet.”
Nora: Seriously? It’s just been three months.
I like TDH but the parent meet? I have done the parent meet once and that was in college and more out of circumstance than me wanting it to happen. I left Boss’ office shaking and laughing. Then I called TDH to share the confusion with him which he found endlessly humorous.


2 Responses to “Father-Daughter Convo”

  1. oh September 14, 2008 at 12:38 pm #

    Oh geez, your father did think that. He confessed it to me later. He is a hoot – also, he sometimes half-listens to us girls.
    But I will still be going crazy getting the house ready. ‘Specially after hearing that TDH comes from a “magazine” house.

  2. laylou September 16, 2008 at 10:05 am #

    Well there are only two people in his parents house anymore so I suppose it’s easier to keep it a magazine house. And his parents offices are in their house so I think it changes the dynamic. TDH said he likes our house so you don’t have to worry about it!

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