Conversations with a not-so-Little-Man

15 Sep

I haven’t seen Little Man since his birthday party in July at which time he let me hold him in my lap, even though he as he pointed out he was five and much taller.

He started kindergarten in August and there are drastic differences. Here are some highlights of my conversations with my not-so-Little-Man. (Well, he’s not “mine,” but he’s pretty fantastic as far as kids go and I hope that I have one like him some day!!)

On my hair, which I recently dyed black
I noticed him staring intently at my head.
Nora: What’s wrong, buddy?
LM: Nothing, really.
Nora: Are you looking at my hair?
LM: Yes. It’s blue. I don’t know if I like it.
Nora: Well, okay then.

On how tall he is
Nora: LM, you have grown quite a bit since the last time I saw you!
LM: Really?
Nora: You bet! You’ll be as tall as your dad in no time.
LM (goes to stand in front of me): Look how tall I am! (stands in front of his dad) Daddy, I’m almost as tall as you!

On Hurricane Ike:
Nora: What do you know about Hurricane Ike?
LM: It damaged Texas all up. A road is ruined. A hotel is ruined… the Walden. The hurricane is going to be in Texas forever and ever and ever until the dinosaurs come back.
Nora: The dinosaurs are coming back???
LM: Yes, when humans don’t live, the dinosaurs will come back.
Nora: I didn’t know that. It’s good information to know.

On learning math at school:
Nora: What kind of math are you guys learning?
LM: Astronaut math!
Nora: No way, that sounds super cool. What is astronaut math?
LM: I do not know about that.
(Note: he used to just shrug but now I get complete sentences. Much cuter.)

On reading… to ME!
LM: I will read to you.
Nora: I am very excited. Please do! (I settle into his bed.)
LM: Are you ready to go home and go to bed?
Nora: Not really, but a nap would be great.
LM: If you fall alseep here I’ll have to wake you up and you’ll have to go home to your house to sleep. Okay?

On our bedtime tradition
Nora: Where is Puppy? He needs to give you kisses!
LM showed me where.
Nora: Here come Puppy Kisses!
LM, giggling: Puppy, stop it! Nora needs kisses, not me!
LM grabs Puppy and gives me kisses thus proving though the words he uses are bigger, that he’s got a better grasp on world events and he’s a good two inches taller, he’s still the same Little Man I started watching over three years ago.


One Response to “Conversations with a not-so-Little-Man”

  1. Anne September 16, 2008 at 3:32 pm #

    I couldn’t stop laughing at work when I read he was going to make sure to wake you up and send you home….

    So glad the PT appt experience was positive. Isn’t it amazing to find out your back really isn’t the problem sometimes… We have the exact sames issues, tailbone, hips out of alignment, etc. We can start the crooked backs club :-)

    P.S. thanks for the nice e-mail…… good luck with midterms.

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