Upgrade & Updates

22 Sep

TDH upgraded me this weekend from saying “I really like you,” to “I more than like you.”

Ah, the butterflies with this man are never-ending.

Saturday afternoon we set off for another wedding at which we were just spectators (for a change) but unfortunately got stuck in dead-stop-traffic for over an hour.  I am not even joking when I say we moved less than a mile in one hour. We made the best of it, putting is iPod on shuffle, making up our own words to songs, speculating on our fellow traffic-sitters life stories (we took the Law & Order CSI approach so everyone was in trouble for some kind of crime) and laughing a ton, as always. I met more of his friends (it’s like a clown car… they just keep showing up and coming out!) on Saturday night and I think they are probably going to be my favorite of his friends mostly because a) I feel completely comfortable around them, no pretenses and etc and b) TDH is his complete self around those guys as well.

In other news... I’m leaving on Thursday for my last bridesmaid duties. I have to write a five-page paper, respond to online discussions and read four chapters before Thursday morning at 10 am. Additionally tonight is girls’ night at the Cardinals game, tomorrow TDH meets MY parents and Wednesday I’m making an appearance at my Wednesday night crew (have been spending too much time with TDH’s friends). Oh, and Jack has been sick since yesterday morning. He gracefully threw up on TDH’s bed and all over his house so I spent my Sunday doing laundry, scrubbing, cleaning, Febreeze-ing and worrying about my dog. The point of this diatribe? Posting will be light.


One Response to “Upgrade & Updates”

  1. oh September 22, 2008 at 10:05 pm #

    that’s ok if your blogging is light. They have been so good lately that I guess we can go a day or two without an update!

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