Going to the Chapel…

25 Sep

… to get Mel married. The whirlwind begins today. She called me yesterday in the middle of the work day to say she’s really glad I took the day off to ride down to her hometown with her. I think the nerves finally hit her.

Things I’ll blog about when I get back (hopefully):

  • TDH met MY parents on Wednesday. It was amazing. They love him.
  • Mel’s wedding festivities, of course
  • 4 days until my quarterlife celebration… I’m freaking out. Not because of the number but because of other thoughts that are so very grown-up. Like how I am ready to settle down in the next few years (ack, did I really just say that??), that I’m thinking about kids (an even bigger ACK!) and other thoughts I dare not type at the moment.

Shout out  to KylaBea who’s wedding is also this Saturday- hope it is a splendid wedding. Can’t wait to read about it!

And to Darling who is kind enough to watch my dear dog Jack while I’m gone this weekend.

(Now go read their blogs.)


Nora, the Eternal Bridesmaid


One Response to “Going to the Chapel…”

  1. oh September 28, 2008 at 9:53 am #

    Enjoy! The weather is beautiful. So is the bride and her no. 1 bridesmaid (you)!!!!
    And Jack, the merry little guy, is having a grand old time here.

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