Classic Country Wedding

2 Oct

Last weekend’s wedding was by far the most fun I’ve had as a bridesmaid in a very, very long time.

Mel wasn’t panicky. She wasn’t demanding. She was level-headed, cool, and absolutely gorgeous as a bride. Everything was just go with the flow, what gets done, gets done…what doesnt, well, didn’t!

There were only a few hiccups…

  • We went to pick up our dresses and discovered that they failed to do the alterations on my dress. The hem was ragged and certainly not pressed. Fortunately TDH picked up my dress for me and brought it down with him, so no drama, other than a slight unsettling feeling that I’d have to walk down the aisle in my bra, underwear, and brown shoes.
  • Having an outdoor reception requires outdoor bathrooms. The plan was a bathroom-on-wheels, a totally cute house type thing. What we actually got: port-a-pottys. Grey ones. And gross. We jazzed them up with some greenery, cute signs on the doors, lattice (not a fan but it worked) and touch lights in the bathroom so you could see what you were doing.
  • The DJ. Mel’s mom decided to give the DJ a list of 70 country songs she wanted played during the reception. That was a no-go. Mel wanted people to dance, to stay, to party, not to leave because they had nothing to dance to. They compromised and a few country songs were played but not 70 like originally planned.
  • Hotel. Corey (Mel’s husband) has two sets of parents. When we were checking in his super cool stepmom at the hotel the clerk informed us she had adjoining rooms with her husband’s ex wife (aka Corey’s Mom). Yes, that’s right. Corey’s real mom requested adjoining rooms with her ex-husband his wife. We laughed even though it wasn’t really¬†funny.

The ceremony was gorgeous. I cried (I always cry). I laughed. I smiled the whole time. I shook walking down the aisle knowing TDH was staring at me. We had a great time on the hay ride (courtesy of the case of champagne they bought) and an even better time at the reception. The food was country, classic and amazing.

Dress # 7 is hung up, as are my bridesmaid duties. I fear a withdrawal, believe it or not, as being a bridesmaid has kind of become a part of me. If anyone needs a professional bridesmaid, give me a call. In the meantime, I suppose I can focus on me, right?


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