Cat in the Hat, Paper Lantern, Snooze & Owen Wilson

6 Oct

So you already know I had a great weekend, thanks to TDH being the sweetest, most romantic boyfriend I’ve ever experienced. I’ll save the exact details about yesterday’s post for another time.

Prompted by KylaBea for what my weekend was like, here it goes. In a word: Fantastic. In many words…

Cat in the Hat: TDH convinced me to get up early on Saturday morning to go garage sale-in. Bribed by the prospect of hot chocolate, the ability to wear jeans and a sweatshirt and of course breakfast as my favorite place, plus quality time with TDH (this is the first weekend in THREE weekends we haven’t had a wedding, a birthday party or other social engagement that took up our whole weekend) I said yes. Second garage sale we went to I decided to poke around the kid books. I found six, perfect condition Dr. Seuss books for fifty cents each. Yes, that’s right. .50 cents. I snatched up all of them. They will go in my hope chest. I am still stoked about this purchase as the new books go for at least $10-15 at any bookstore.

Paper Lantern: My red kitchen is fabulous but I’m still lacking chairs for the kitchen table and apart from the under-the-counter and overhead light (which is rather hideous, I never use it), I’ve been looking for some fun decor. I found two Chinese paper lanterns for $2 that will hang nicely in one of the corners and add some light and ambiance. I’m super-excited about them. I don’t normally go to garage sales but I’m kind of hooked now. First experience = very good!

Snooze: After the long day of garage sale-ing (we hit up at least 10, some with cool stuff, others not so much), gorging ourselves on wonderful breakfast food and washing TDH’s car, we took a nap. Well, TDH did most of the sleeping, I had a paper to write. It was a wonderful afternoon for a nap, wind blowing through the apartment, Jack knawing away at one of his bones. And of course cuddles with my man.

Owen Wilson: I had originally planned on going out Saturday to celebrate the big 2-5 with my friends but looking back at the last three weekends they all involved parties, drinks and little alone time for myself, much less time with my man. So we opted for a pizza and movie night chez TDH and it was wonderful. We watched Drillbit Taylor (I give it a 7 out of 10) as it was funny but not stellar, read books to each other, and just lazed around.

Sometimes those days are the best days.


2 Responses to “Cat in the Hat, Paper Lantern, Snooze & Owen Wilson”

  1. Kyla Bea October 6, 2008 at 9:59 pm #

    lol I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw my name there – thank you! = )

    You have lanterns in your kitchen? That’s amazing! I want those on my deck for next summer. Note to self, go garage sale-ing!

  2. laylou October 7, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    Kyla: You are most welcome! You definitely inspire me to write more and look at things from other angles.

    The lanterns aren’t up yet, but they will be by this weekend. I’ll shoot some pictures and share. Garage sale-ing is definitely fun. I will definitely be going again soon.

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