As Political as this blog will get…

8 Oct

… Someone stole SheShe’s car magnet. That’s just plain wrong.

Although, confession, at the risk of changing anyone’s mind about me or reading my blog: Flashback to four years ago, this same time of year. Fall. Leaves on the ground. Breeze running through the trees. Three girls living together, drinking wine. Many, many Bush/Cheney signs staring at us menacingly from the lawns of our neighbors. (As much as I loved my college the conservative blood that ran through that town made it a tough place to be for four years.)

On a whim, we went for a bit of a car ride. We stole Bush/Cheney yard signs. Yup, right out of their yard. We didn’t even think twice about it. A few we just knocked over; others we took and defaced by placing gray duct tape in the shape of an “X” over the candidates names. We used those in our windows and put our “Women for Kerry” signs just above it. A lot of good that did us.

Looking back that was incredibly insensitive of us, not to mention: trespassing, dangerous, illegal, and rude. I don’t feel a ton of remorse mostly because I was acting out against Bush/Cheney and not so much our neighbors but I shouldn’t have taken something that people obviously paid for. On the flip side, that was my act of rebellion, of rioting, of showing my displeasure with our system. (I do vote, I have worked at the election polls and generally speaking I’m very respectful of people’s political beliefs.)

I have resisted the temptation this year to take a paintball gun and shoot at the signs of the candidate I do not like. Instead, I do it mentally when I drive past them or, even more mature, stick my tongue out at them if I am alone. I’m voting on November 4th. It may not make a difference but I do feel that civic pride when I cast my ballot.


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