Secrets, secrets

9 Oct

TDH’s birthday is in a few weeks. November 4th to be exact.

I’ve started the present stockpiling. Two of the ones I ordered for him are coming in the mail today and I’m so excited about them it will be hard for me to keep them a surprise for the next two weeks. Thankfully they need a bit of tweaking (I won’t say exactly what they are, just in case he is being sneaky and reading my blog) so I can’t hand them to him tonight before we go to see HAIR, which is coincidentally an early birthday present.

I love buying presents for men, especially for TDH. He has a different view of “cool,” than most guys. He’s not into preppy shirts or cologne; he’d rather an antique bookshelf, a unique painting, an offbeat novel that he’s never heard of. He is a lot more fun to buy for than others I’ve dated before. I love planning events that act as presents, I love bundling presents in packages (movie baskets, spa baskets, etc), and I love making presents. I guess I just love presents!

What’s the best present you’ve received from a friend/boyfriend/husband? What’s the best present you’ve given to a friend/boyfriend/husband?


2 Responses to “Secrets, secrets”

  1. She She October 9, 2008 at 1:08 pm #

    November 4th? That’s election day.

    I know! Let’s all get him a nice, new President! I’m sure he’d like the newer model that’s available rather than the older one.

  2. nova October 9, 2008 at 8:48 pm #

    I love giving presents, especially to a boyfriend. I’m usually pretty bad about keeping the presents a secret because I get too excited and can’t contain myself.

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