Little bit o’this, Little bit o’ that

10 Oct

Took TDH to see HAIR last night. He loved it; I forget that he acted in plays and in an improv troupe for many, many years, so he has a different appreciation for the theater. The play moved me to tears when Claude leaves, when he gets shot, when the Tribe can’t find him. Breaks my heart.


Took Jack for a walk when I got home from the play and neglected to grab a poop pick-up bag. And wouldn’t you know he needed to take care of business, in front of an old man, no less. The old man shouted at me and TDH as we strolled away “You need a bag to pick up that shit! Do it again and I’m calling the police on your ass.” Well then. The first time in a really long time I don’t have a bag and I get caught. Fantastic.


CDs that I would like to buy:
* Chris Cornell, Scream
* Ray LaMontagne’s, Gossip in the Grain
* Jason Mraz’s new album
*AC/DC, Black Ice
* the new Harry Connick Jr. Christmas album, not coming out until November 4th

Excited for: Girl’s Mexican Night out this evening, sleeping in tomorrow, having my family over for lunch to my new place, finishing my last paper for this online grad school class, winery trip with TDH, getting laundry done and seeing the bottom of my laundry basket for a change, cuddling in the fall weather, and long walks with Jack.


2 Responses to “Little bit o’this, Little bit o’ that”

  1. oh October 10, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    ooo, I LIKE this template – very you!
    hahah – kinda funny that you didn’t have a doggie bag with you. Just kinda funny.
    Yay – weekend.
    Looking forward to a “picnic” at your place!

  2. laylou October 12, 2008 at 4:31 pm #

    Thank you! This template is a keeper =) Enjoyed the picnic yesterday. Thanks for coming.

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