Moment of Zen, Favorite Boys, Donna Reed

13 Oct

Walking Jack after work today, I passed a couple who just got home from likely another busy day at the office. Their oldest kid piled out of the car and the youngest, a baby, stared at Jack over her shoulder and started giggling. This lasted about a minute while her parents looked on and laughed as well; fortunately for her, Jack was sniffing a tree intently and when he realized he was being observed he looked up, wagged his tail and the little girl giggled again. It was positively adorable and just what any hard working person needs after a long day of work.

Here are two of my favorite boys, lounging around on my bed. TDH didn’t feel well last night; I took this picture using ISO 3200 or some such setting on my camera. I promise my room isn’t that dull looking and please ignore the hideous fan in my room. I still have pictures to hang up in my room, hence the white wall. (And listen to me defending my bedroom! Ridiculous. I love my place and you would love to if you were here.)

My Favorite Boys

My Favorite Boys

I don’t know if it’s TDH or the impending fall, or the whole 25 year-old thing, but I am on a domestic kick. Just call me Donna Reed.

I am obsessed with making grocery lists that revolve around recipes. Stock piling things as they are on sale so I can use them in the future. I google recipes online during my lunch hour. I plan fancy dinners and buy good wine, and long for new dishes and pots and pans that are non-stick, quality and urge me to use them again.

Going to TDH’s family dinner once a week has me exploring new dessert recipes; having family dinner with my parents once a month has me craving the intimate conversations one can only have over dinner at an Italian table with the ones she loves. It happens with TDH, too. We dish about our day, laugh about our bosses, talk about culinary plans and upcoming events. Food really is a bonding experience. Too bad they can’t make the gym more of a bonding experience (update: another two weeks and I can run full-force, as many miles as I want. And lift weights! Just in time to maintain the holiday inevitable weight gain.)

This whole Donna Reed thing has something to it. I keep my kitchen super-clean, I put more time into my days’ outfits, hair styles, jewelry coordination.


One Response to “Moment of Zen, Favorite Boys, Donna Reed”

  1. anne October 13, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    Ha ! Maybe it’s the weather because I cooked a roast on Sunday and then proceeded to say all day “I can’t believe I cooked a roast”….

    I was feeling quite Donna-like. Although in our house it’s called “suzy homemaker” mode.

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