My Former Life: Party Nora, Part One

16 Oct

Thanks to Little Miss, I’ve been inspired to write about my top Five Party nights, subsequent hangovers and consequences as a result of these party nights.

1) December 2001. Home from college. Recently broken up with by High School Boyfriend, still desperately to make sense of the how/why of our break-up and process the fact that High School Boyfriend (HSB) had a new girlfriend a mere two weeks after he ruthlessly dumped me over the phone. I was friends with mainly boys at this point in my life and had recently discovered drinking. Lots of drinking. We’re talking shots of Captain Morgan straight from the bottle, Popov Vodka (the icky kind that comes in a plastic bottle), and other equally horrendous and offensive drinks. Needless to say I was going through some things. 

Enter the love triangle. HSB claimed he loved me. I was interested in The Boy Next Door (TBND). Went to a party with HSB and my high school guy friends. Drank too much. Danced on a pool table. Did I mention I drove to this party? HSB, being the sober one, drove me home to my parents, parked my car and set off for home. A two mile walk in the cold, cold weather. And me? Well I ran over to TBND’s house the moment HSB turned off my car and handed me the keys. Kind of cold-hearted of me, even if HSB did break my heart.

HSB called me several times that night, sobbing about how quickly I got over him, how could I possibly be into TBND, how I was torturing him with my choices. (Um, excuse me, did he not dump me? On the phone? And then call me one day to tell me he was dating someone else? Yeah, I think he did.)

I shut off my phone to hang out with TBND. I didn’t have a curfew at this point in my life so it must have been 2 or 3 am before I went home and the next day was… hell. Worst headache. HSB wouldn’t stop calling me. I had flashbacks of me dancing on the pool table and the boys being astonished at my shot-taking ability. Talk about embarassing.

HSB attempted several times over the course of the next few months to win me back. To his credit and I’m sure my stupidity, I entertained the idea. We became really great friends, made the mistake of kissing a few times, and then the same day he told me he loved me and wanted to try again he went and slept with one of his exes (one of my loyal guy friends called me with this info). He had the balls to call me the next day and say that he loved me and ask if I was ready to give it a second try. My answer? I hung up on him. I’ve only seen him once in the last seven years and we didn’t exchange words, only an awkward smile.

As for TBND? He’s come and gone in my life, but he’s gone for good now. After the last time I tried dating him (another drunken story there, I’m sure), I realized it was never going to work. He lives in his parents basement, still recovering from a nasty divorce, and working out so much he looks like a very bloated Pop-eye. I think the clincher was last Thanksgiving morning, looking out my parents kitchen window I saw TBND escorting a girl, in her bar clothes from the night before, out of the house. Not the kind of guy I wanted to be dating.

Taking time to write these memories helps me realize what a long way I’ve come. How awesome my family, friends, and TDH really are. Well my family and friends are always awesome. The men in my life? They have been anything but…. and then TDH. He’s literally my knight in shining armor.

Stay tuned for #2….


2 Responses to “My Former Life: Party Nora, Part One”

  1. Little Miss Obsessive October 17, 2008 at 8:44 am #

    yay, thanks for making me feel not so crazy for posting my own drunken shenanigans! I can’t wait to read more of yours :)

  2. butterflycharlie October 17, 2008 at 6:51 pm #

    Hey! Wow, I wish I could write about my drunken shenanigans! I cant for the following reasons: 1) because I can’t remember half of them (apart from the bits which involve me falling over) and 2) it normally involves people which really shouldn’t have been there…

    thanks for the Sloth comment. Seriously, I dunno what it is but those creatures really scare me! I’d find them easier to deal with if they went around disembowling people, but their slowness and their stoned smile creeps me out!!! WTF?!

    I’m weird…x

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