16 Oct

When I was little and frustrated, I used to (according to Darling) mush up my face and frown, which Darling and the Boss called my “Stormcloud,” face.

The Stormcloud face is a permanent fixture today.

For some reason which I honestly can’t figure out I’m super grumpy.

My clients, vendors and co-workers are all annoying me equally.

I’m frustrated with a few of my friends.

I’m absolutely famished and all I want to do is go home during my lunch hour and pig out on a bag of Doritos, diet soda (haha) and a turkey and cheese sandwich. Oh, and the oatmeal carmelitas I made for dessert (Family Dinner at TDH’s tonight).

My eyes have bags under them as for some reason I’m tired around 8pm lately, but if I don’t succumb to sleep at 8pm, I’m up until after midnight.

I feel disgustingly fat and therefore am avoiding mirrors altogether although I am laughing at myself as there has been no change to my pant size since the Great Back Adventure of ’08.

I have a sore throat and headache (dear God, no flu please!).
I had to avoid throwing things at my TV last night during the debate.
I really want to be in sweatpants, watching Sex and the City on my couch and cuddling with Jack.

Seriously, Friday can’t come soon enough.


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