My Former Life: Party Nora, Part Two

21 Oct

This one has to be in the top three nights of partying.

SamSam’s Bachelorette Party, May 2005.

10 girls. One Cause: PARTY.

I can’t remember the exact count but if I remember correctly, which is very unlikely, I did over ten shots (times two). I do not blame anyone but myself for the events that took place that night, such as dancing on the bar with the other girls, pretending to climb a wall, accosting perfect strangers and informing them they would suck a lifesaver off of SamSam’s shirt, insisting that I not wear my heels on the way back to the hotel which resulted in my walking barefoot on a downtown street, making out with a very tall, very Italian guy named Bruno in the bar, in the street, in the hotel lobby, in the elevator, at the door to the hotel room I was sharing with the girls, and getting so intoxicated that I was hungover for two days. TWO. DAYS.

Let me now point out to you that one of them was Mother’s Day. I was hungover on Mother’s Day. Bad, bad, daughter. I mustered up enough energy and ignored the shaking (thank you Vodka & Red Bull) long enough to make our yearly ice cream and buy-mom-a-plant trek. The rest of the night I spent shoving my face full of greasy food (Lion’s Choice) and gatorade.

Although most of the night is a blur looking back on it, I know it was definitely a top five party night.


3 Responses to “My Former Life: Party Nora, Part Two”

  1. nova October 21, 2008 at 6:49 pm #

    Wow! Two days is a long recovery time. Hahaha! Good times. ;-)

  2. Little Miss Obsessive October 21, 2008 at 7:38 pm #

    “making out with a very tall, very Italian guy named Bruno”

    LOL I don’t know this part just cracked me up.. Bruno? haha I can only imagine… but sounds like a fun night :)

  3. laylou October 22, 2008 at 4:56 pm #

    Nova: I was just barely 21 and hadn’t quite learned the proper way to drink. It was intense. And yes, a whole two days. I’m not even joking.

    Little Miss: Yup, his name was Bruno. Sounds like he belongs in the movie the Godfather, right? Probably not one of my best decisions considering he stood me up as my date to SamSam’s wedding, but hey, you live and you learn, right?

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