1/3 of a year and other Nora Ramblings…

23 Oct
  • Is it super dorky that I woke up knowing that today TDH and I have been dating for four months? It’s raining here today, the kind of weather most people hate but the kind TDH and I love, so I figure it’s fitting to mark our four month day with rain. I don’t really celebrate month anniversaries but it’s kind of exciting to know it’s been a smooth, easy ride so far and there is really no end in sight.
  • Breaking Dawn. I’m finally on book on four of the Twilight series and I’m both excited to be done with them so I can move onto other things and slightly saddened as now I have no more tweeny vampire books to read. I suppose I’ll have to move on to more adult things like Dracula and the Anita Blake series. Or maybe I’ll work on my stack of eight books which includes “The Sicilian,” by Mario Puzo, “The Red Tent,” by Anita Diamante, “City Dog,” “Johnny Got His Gun,” and about four more books I need to read.
  • Jack be Nimble. Last week on one of my first runs since I am officially done with my Physical Therapy, Jack and I were very nearly attacked by two HUGE dogs. They managed to pull their owner down the hill that he was on right at Jack and myself causing Jack to jerk me out into the road. The result? A very nervous Jack and a Nora with a super-sore left shoulder. Thank goodness for pain killers and ice. Jack has since recovered, TDH is buying me mace, and I’m afraid of dogs that aren’t on leashes (which is new for me).
  • Work Grumblings.  A few work pet peeves, if I may: people misspelling and mispronouncing my name. It’s not that hard, people! Clients hitting on me. I am not at work to get picked up and asked out, I’m here to do my job.You are here to learn and you don’t see me hitting on you! Do not yell at me if the coffee is not full just because I am the only woman you see in the office. Make it yourself.
  • Dessert Heaven. I take dessert to TDH’s family dinners every Thursday as my contribution. I forgot how awesome it is to bake, to have a positive, delicious smelling outcome worth the mess and flour on the floor. It gives me a chance to just be: listen to music, Jack at my feet, dance around the kitchen, expirement with recipes and I, won’t lie, I kind of enjoy the praise my desserts have been receiving. Too bad I can’t open up my own bakery.
  • No MUSH! The exercise and healthful eating begins on 11/1. There’s still time to join our virtual group for support, encouragement and most of all, to make you feel better about yourself. Email me at nora.laylou at gmail dot com if you want in.
  • Vacation. TDH and I want to plan an afforadble weekend getaway. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Christmas. I know it’s not that close, but it’s not that far and I am really excited. Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE. I’m already plotting present purchases, decorations and dreaming about a very White Christmas.

5 Responses to “1/3 of a year and other Nora Ramblings…”

  1. She She October 23, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    My husband is a runner, and it really bugs him when people have dogs off leash. When they say, “Oh, she’s friendly!” my husband says, “I’m not. You better put her on the leash.”

  2. Kyla Bea October 23, 2008 at 4:39 pm #

    That’s so scary – I’m a dog owner and the only place for dogs to be off leash is in an off leash park. Too dangerous for everyone otherwise. I’m so sorry you guys had such a scary experience!

    And I’m e-mailing you about No Mush!

  3. Little Miss Obsessive October 23, 2008 at 7:49 pm #

    I’m half way through book one of Twilight and I’m sooo into it. I couldn’t put it down all day!!

    And congrats on the 4 month anniversary w/ TDH. Its so nice to hear you are so happy with him. It gives me faith in finding love. :)

  4. laylou October 24, 2008 at 8:47 am #

    SheShe: Oo! I like that line. Maybe I should use it.

    Kyla: Thanks; Jack is finally recovered and is okay around other dogs now. I’m still a tad nervous when I go running but I’ll get through it!

    Little Miss: I stayed up until after midnight yesterday finishing Book Four. They are hugely addictive and strangely worth the read. Enjoy the journey; the books have left me wanting to become a vampire, as odd as that sounds.

    And thanks for the congrats! Truthfully I never thought I’d find a man through a blind date, but hey, it can happen. I had lost all my faith too, and then TDH showed up and changed my views on men (thankfully).

  5. oh October 26, 2008 at 12:36 pm #

    I suggest that you go back into this blog entry and re-write your email address spelling out every word rather than giving the real address – this may prevent tons of unwanted/unwarranted email crap. Ex: nora at xxxx dot gmail.

    Secondly, an affordable vacay? unfortunately, most places nearby places are expensive simply because of overnight lodging. Like Memphis. Or, Chicago. Or, Kansas City. Still and all, check online. Maybe there are special rates now due to a certain “lull” in the economy.
    Don’t overlook Springfield, IL, by the way. That Lincoln museum is just plain cool. And they likely have a decent Comfort Inn or even a B&B, for a new experience!

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